Kota Uno

buho = Kota Uno.

buho was founded and fully operated by Kota Uno, a writer, producer, and coach. Kota was born and raised in Tokyo until high school and went to study abroad at Wesleyan University in CT, USA, where he received BA in Social Studies (philosophy, economics, government, and history). He then returned to Tokyo to work under Professor Ikujiro Nonaka, the guru of Knowledge Management, at Hitotsubashi International Corporate Strategy as a research assistant for two years. Kota offers all the services of buho.



Why “buho” and the meaning of the logo.

I used to live in a dorm called Buddhist House in college for two years, and we called the house “buho.” The name “buho” symbolizes “transformation” brought by new perspectives and developing capabilities, because these two years transformed all the perspectives I had and it was as though a real new life started for me from there. “búho” also means owl in Spanish so by mixing that with Buddhist, the logo is a Buddhist owl.